MuZ and Racing
Motorbikes from Zscopau have been recording considerable success on both German and International Racetracks from as early as the 1920's. The first German race victory occurred on the Isle of Man in 1983. Ewald Kluge took first place on a DKW 250 cc an event which became a milestone in the history of German motorsports.

In the following years victories on DKW and MZ motorcycles became almost part of everyday life and right up until the latter part of 1980's, MZ riders were considered to be among the best race riders in the world.

The reunification of Germany brought with it very different market conditions, which also forced those in the field of motorsports to a rigorous rethink and consequently led to innovation.

MuZ reacted to these changes immediately, and as early as 1994 introduced the newly designed Skorpion range of motorbikes on the market. At the same time, powerful racing bikes for the SOS class were also introduced.

Successes in both national and international events have not been long in happening. Hasi Meyer and Elli Bindrum are currently making sure they are causing a stir with the new versions of the company's production-racer while Mike Edwards in England and Alfonso Herrero in Spain reached second place overall in their respective classes in 1994.
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